CUSTOMER FEATURE – Q&A with a Kamper customer Ashleigh P (WA)

We caught up recently with customer Ashleigh P who lives in WA and is a passionate KK owner

KK – Hi Ash, so you are a Kimberley Kamper owner, what do you have and for how long have you had it?
AP – We have a 2018 Classic Kamper that we optioned up. You could pretty much say we have a Limited, but without the airbags. We purchased it new and in just over 2 and a but years we have travelled 26165kms and spent 120 nights under canvas (Can you tell I am a record keeper!!)

KK – and what is your tow tug, what extra gear do you have fitted?
AP – We are currently towing with a 2018 Holden Trailblazer that has been fitted out for touring, however that is about to get traded on a new 200 Series Landcruiser that we will be fitting out for touring with the usual things as Bullbar, lights, UHF, Long Range Tank, GVM upgrade, Rhino Pioneer Rack, Safari Snorkel, ARB Compressor mounted. In the future we will upgrade rims/tyres and look at some sort of Black Label Storage Solutions drawer system.

KK – how often do you Camp and where is your favourite hideout?
AP – As I mentioned above we have been able to knock out some decent kms in our KK so far, mainly due to the tyranny of distance over here in WA. We have made a commitment to camp at least one weekend per month and then take longer breaks when we can. As far as favourite hideout…. that is such a hard question as we are pretty lucky here in WA. If you asked favourite hideout in each region that would be easier. I will default to my wifes favourite destination/trip since we have had the KK which may surprise some people was around the Marble Bar region in the Pilbara. So many hidden gems up that way but Carawine Gorge was a stand out.

KK – where do you think the knarliest spot you have got your KK into is?
AP – Hardest trip so far would have been to Dirk Hartog Island. Just getting to the barge is a trip in itself with unrelenting corrugations into gnarly sand dunes and then on and off the barge on what can sometimes be a large swell. In all honesty I was more worried about the Holden Trailblazer falling apart than the KK!!

KK – what is your favourite feature on your KK and why?

AP – Gee you’ve really asked the hard questions….there is too many features we love about our KK. We haven’t had a bad trip yet, but after years of tents, swags, soft floor campers, wind up campers I think there are two stand outs for us, simplicity in setting up and having hot water on board….man that has been a game changer for us having the ability to have a wash down and freshen up after being out on dusty tracks & trails for the day…and not having to line up at public places if we are at bush camps where they have donkey showers(we must be getting old now and some friends are quite jealous of us being able to have a shower)

KK – if you could change or add a new feature what would it be?

AP – There isn’t actually too much we would change to be honest. However, being from WINDY WA we sometimes find the squeaking of the poles a bit of a pain. We think as standard nylon washers should be installed between the poles. Also we can never pack up with our awning on as it just blows back over…small issue. The other suggestion would be a strap (about 1m long) of some sort that you can connect to the front of the hard floor when closing so you can move around to push the canvas in when one person packs up. We find ours doesn’t always balance. You can then use the hook of that strap with your foot to do the final pull down to close the hatches. Some of the other KK users have already made one up that we also use at times!

KK – as we all know Kimberley Kampers is wholly Australian owned and Australian made. What do you think are the key differences in Australian made over imports.

AP – Build quality first and foremost. We had been a long term admirer of KK’s right from the beginning back in the mid 90’s and we/I always said when we were in a position to purchase one we would be doing so. I like the fact I can tackle a track knowing that there is going to be no major breakdown or damage done to the unit.

KK – we know you do some amazing photography and have allowed us to use a favourite image here….. where is this and why is it a favourite?

AP – These images attached are from our trip to Dirk Hartog Island. We camped at Turtle Bay on the northern tip of the island and is very close to Cape Inscription, the site of the first recorded landing by Europeans on Australian soil when Dirk Hartog came ashore in 1616 and left a record of his landing inscribed on a pewter plate nailed to a post. This plate remained undiscovered until 1697. I loved the location more so for its historical nature and remoteness. They only allow 15 vehicles on the island outside of the Homestead campsite so you rarely came across another vehicle. The fact we got to share this holiday with our great friends from Esperance who are also KK owners was the highlight for me.

KK – so thanks for your time today Ash and Happy Kamping

APNo problems…keep up the good work and we look forward to upgrading to a Kimberley Karavan when my wife finally lets me retire in about ten years time 😊

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